APlus Tha Kid is a Fresno, Cali rap artist that was born & raised in the streets of East Fresno. A validated gang member to the FPD APlus has been to prison for multiple weapons charges in 2006 & 2007 from probation to parole it’s needless to say he has been around the block. His music has a street feel that’s speaks of the struggle and oppression of being a black minority in California especially in today’s world where police brutality is the new leading cause of death for black men and where the community is suffering from budget cuts to a majority of the services and programs for the youth. Although APlus is caught in the life he has been on a television show as a child, before the prison priors and convictions. He has met numbers of stars from actors, rappers, professional athletes to even congressmen & presidents. Always having the mindset of anything is possible has led him to chase his passion of music. Always being talented since a kid his rhymes have gotten not only better but has also grown with him and you can hear in his voice that his art is created from the soul. You can hear the pain in his voice which is why u can feel that he has done and seen the things he talks about in his raps. By being blessed enough to see both sides of life APlus makes music that can be easily related to by all walks of life. He often talks about the perks of the young California lifestyle in his music and can go bar for bar with the best lyricist in the game new and old. With this much balance and versatility it’s safe to say that a good description of his music is underground sound with mainstream talent APlus can not only rap but also sings & harmonizes. His music is often compared to the late Jacka of the Mob Figaz. APlus Tha Kid admits The Jacka was an influence in his music as a youngster. Before he passed the two were acquaintances of mutual friends and following each other on social media but never recorded any music. APlus has opened up for artist like The Jacka, Mac Dre, Nas, J Stalin, San Quinn, Andre Nickatina & More.. APlus has collaborated & recorded with artist such as Shady Nate, Mistah FAB, Diego Redd, Fashawn, Stevie Joe, San Quinn, HD of Bearface, C-Bo, Rydah j. Klyde, Lil Blood, & Many more. APlus represents Fresno with major respect from northern to southern california, across the nation. APlus started rapping at 18 yrs old but has been writing since the 3rd grade. In the midst of life’s trails and tribulations getting into trouble as a young man it held him back from achieving his dream of becoming a Westcoast Rap legend and being acknowledged worldwide as just that.

“The hardest thing to do is keep fighting sometimes, but the real will always prevail so it’s a must we keep pushing until we are where we belong.”

With this being what he considers his prime years APlus is looking forward to the new challenges that are ahead and feels his hard work and being solid all these years will payoff eventually. With the valley being low on role models and figures to look up to for o it’sr youth its a must we all step up to be legendary at what we do best. The goal is to go from the block to the billboards independently; the right way. To the fans that support we love yall and keep it 100%

Sincerley, The Real Leanteam – APlus Tha Kid

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